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Round Window

The Round "Porthole" Window

Round Specialty Window Frame, with glazing

This window was designed to be used as a decorative addition for a porch, garage, shed, cupola or other project where an insulated unit is not needed.

The exterior of the window is clad with a one-piece white ABS cladding; uv stabilized for strength and color retention and has an integrated, pre-drilled nailing fin.

The cladding is affixed to a plywood frame. It is glazed with single strength acrylic sheeting and the inside stop is 1/2" MDO plywood fastened with screws to facilitate replacing the glazing with another clear or a decorative panel.

Note; this is a non-venting, flat window with no extension jambs to the usual 4-9/16" etc, and it was not designed for the living spaces of a heated and cooled building, However this unit was constructed carefully with quality materials and will make an attractive and useful addition to many projects.

The unit can be fastened, A, to the outside sheathing of a project, rough opening about 15-5/16"and finished with siding or trim or, B, an opening the size of the casing, about 15-9/16", could be carefully cut into the siding, for instance T111, and the window could be installed and fastened through the nail fin from the inside and then caulked on the outside. This latter installation is probably better for a project that will have no or limited interior finish. Please see the instructions for more information.

Outside nail-fin dimensions are 17-1/2", outside casing dimensions are 15-1/2", visible glazing is 12-1/4" prox. and the rough opening is about 15-5/16" for installation from the outside and 15-9/16" for installation from the inside. Shipping weight is 5 pounds in a 19"x18"x3" carton.

no longer available


7 February 2020

Round Window Installation Instructions


Round window,cutout

Round window,front
Round window,side front
round window,back
round window,Side rear

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