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ABS Plastic Window Roofs - An Economical Alternative to Copper Window RoofsFirst Line Sales manufacturers one piece thermoformed bay and bow windows roofs made from solid color ABS polymers that are UV stable for color retention and durability.




An Economical Alternative to Copper Window Roofs:

Copper tone bay and bow window roofs made from ABS copolymer plastics look and function like copper metal roofs at a much lower cost. An ABS copper tone window roof offers better color retention than a true copper window roof and is easy to install and maintain.

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These roofs are lightweight, strong, have room for insulation, can be used with cable system, have integral molded drip edge, nailing flange, no joints to leak, come with fasteners and are available in two colors, white and copper tone.






Maintenance Free


One-Piece Construction

A Note About ABS:

ABS is amorphous terpolymer composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. These materials are extruded and thermoformed. Typical applications include luggage, truck caps, spas, RV and automotive interior and exterior panels and trim, appliances, refrigerator liners, table tops, leisure crafts and of course our roofs and octagon one piece cladding.


We can advise you if we have a roof to fit your window. Please complete and submit one of the forms below:

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