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Polymer Roofs
General Application Information

Save time and money when installing a roof on a Bay Window, Bow Window, or other construction projects. Avoid custom roof construction or plywood roof kits. The use of these roofs cut labor and material costs and results in an attractive maintenance free roof.

These one piece thermoformed roofs are made from solid color ABS polymers and are UV stable for color retention.

The features and benefits of these products include they are, lightweight, strong, have room for insulation, can be used with cable system, have integral molded drip edge, nailing flange, no joints to leak, come with appropriate fasteners and instructions and are available in two colors white and copper tone.

Applications can be determined by:

  1. Polymer Roofs will fit some window manufacturers, a list of Polymer Roofs and the windows that they fit are attached see application information.
  2. Polymer Roofs can be adapted to a bow or bay window using adapter or auxiliary casing fastened to top of window. See the Polymer Roofs instructions sheet and see the specifications sheets for sizes of the Polymer Roofs.
  3. Many vinyl and wood bow or bay windows can be custom ordered to fit desired Polymer Roofs. See the specifications sheets for sizes of the Polymer Roofs.
  4. Frame a bay window area into the wall construction using the Polymer Roofs sizes as a guide, stock window units can than be used to fill the framed openings. see the specifications sheets for sizes of the Polymer Roofs.
  5. Canopy’s can be installed over doors and windows as an attractive way to protect them from the elements, See Canopy roof specifications, Canopy installation instructions and Canopy soffit instructions.
  6. Call us to discuss your project and we can help you get the correct product and size, some helpful information would be:
bullet Roof manufacturer and model, if known.
bullet Height over window (is there a soffit?)
bullet Bow or bay,30°,45°, or what type of window or door?
bullet Window jamb size of unit?
bullet Masonry or wood construction?
bullet Measurements of the window?

Pick the design that looks the most appropriate and note the measurements.