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Polymer Roofs for Andersen® Casement Bow Windows

The use of these roofs avoids custom roof construction or plywood kits, saves time and money and results in an attractive maintenance free roof.

Limited quantities available
Here is a list of polymer roofs and the Andersen casement bow windows they will fit:
Click below prices to enlarge pictures and see diagrams, 
C3 Bow Coppertone ABS roof   C4Bow ABS Coppertone roof

C-3 Bow Roof
Fits these Andersen
® units:

C-33 Bow
C-335 Bow
C-34 Bow
C-345 Bow
C-35 Bow
C-355 Bow
C-36 Bow
Coppertone color ABS

  C-5 Bow Roof (C-4 shown)
Fits these Andersen® units:

C-53 Bow
C-535 Bow
C-54 Bow
C-545 Bow
C-55 Bow
C-555 Bow
C-56 Bow
White and *unpainted ABS only
*C3 Coppertone $140.00 ea. *C4 Coppertone out of stock
  Painted Coppertone
 *buyer must paint to use outside
currently not available in white    
More Andersen® Casement Bow window roof pictures and Dimensions

Bay and Bow Window Roof Installation Instructions

*Price includes freight to continental USA, Multiples of the same item, sent to the same location may be nested for freight savings. Call for information 802 257 2011. No freight charges on items picked up at our location. but items are subject to 6% VT sales tax.

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Other sizes available

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 13 September 2011