Canopy Installation Instructions

All polymer canopy roofs are designed to be installed supported over a Bay or Garden window (see window instructions) or installed freestanding, as over a door, with a supporting soffit system

This system can be purchased as an accessory or be built on site using plans provided.
All polymer canopies are designed to be installed with auxiliary trim casing provided by
others. This trim casing is fastened to the bottom of the soffit system as shown here.
Or the top of a window (not shown) The size of this piece is 1x2 but could be any size 1x_ as per installers design, it could cover the entire soffit if desired.

  1. Install trim casing as shown above.
  2. Caulk surface of flashing and other nailing surfaces of roof where it meets soffit and building.
  3. Attached the canopy to the trim casing with screws supplied with roof.
  4. Attach the canopy to the building with galvanized nails using the holes provided in the flashing or predrlll a hole larger than the shank of the nail, leave room for expansion. Do not nail tight.
  5. Install siding, do not nail through the flashing.
  6. No other finishing of canopy is necessary and may void warranty.
  7. Care must be taken to insure that canopy soffits are installed securely so that they do not sag etc. The canopy roof is designed to provide style and weatherability. They are strong but are not designed to support themselves or the building components they protect.

Canopy Soffit Assembly Instructions

This part allows the canopy to be installed without under bracing or brackets. The assembled part is fastened to the building to create a firm base for the canopy.

It is suggested that all parts be glued and screwed together.

Each unit in made up of 4 four different parts, 1-each of part A Soffit.1-each of part B Back, 2-each of part C Soffit Brace and see 2. below for quantity for part D Rafter/Brace.

  1. The Back is centered on the long edge of the Soffit and fastened to the Soffit.
  2. The Rafter/Brace parts are installed fastened to the Back and the Soffit. 2 parts for the 30MG, 3 for the 40MG and 4 for the 60MG. Put one rafter/brace on each
    end and put additional braces for 40MG and 60MG in the center.

  3. The Soffit braces are installed from the inside corner of the Rafter/Brace at an angle toward the outside corner of the Soffit one on each corner. This part is used to stiffen the Soffit at this point.

See soffit plans for detailed drawings of parts


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