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Bay roof installation Instructions


Polymer roofs are designed to be installed with auxiliary casing provided by window manufacturer or others(on some windows this may already be part of the window).See illustration below. This casing is sometimes no more than a piece of 1x1 pine to fill in the space between the platform or head board and the outer edge of the window and is used to provide fastening for the roof. Sometimes this piece could be a little wider to better fill in the space between the window and the roof.

Bay roof diagram


 1, Install Auxiliary casing.

2, Caulk surface of flashing and other surfaces of roof where it meets building and window.

3, Attach roof to auxiliary casing with the screws provided.

4, After the roof has been attached to the window use galvanized or stainless steel roofing nails to attach the roof flashing to the building. Use the nail holes provided or drill at least 3/16 holes. Do not nail tight: leave room for expansion.

5, Install the siding: do not nail through the flashing flange.

6, No other finishing is recommended and may void warranty.

7, Care must be taken to insure that windows are installed in accordance with manufacturers instructions including support by cables or knee brackets to keep windows from sagging.



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